35+ CSS Blob Animation Effects

Are you looking for the best CSS Blob Animation Effects examples?

In this article I have made a list of CSS Blobs for you. In this collection you will get Simple Blob Effects, CSS Animated Blob, Colorful Blob. You can use these CSS Blob Effects Examples in your project.

You can use these blob shapes designs as your website background to create a beautiful background effect. They are very easy to make. You can create these CSS blob animation with basic html and css. However, in some cases JavaScript is used to add advanced effects.

CSS Blob Effects

CSS Blob Animation refer to a set of techniques and styles used to create blob-like shapes and animations purely using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These effects typically involve the use of CSS properties like border-radius, transform, and animation to manipulate shapes and create organic, fluid animations resembling blobs.

CSS Blob Effects can be used to enhance the visual appeal of websites and web applications, creating dynamic and engaging user interfaces without relying on external images or JavaScript.

Smooth CSS Blob animation

See the Pen 3d paper cut style with Pixi.js by Fabio Ottaviani (@supah) on CodePen.

Gradient Morphing Blob

See the Pen 60° Gradient Morphing Blob by George Francis (@georgedoescode) on CodePen.

CSS Blob Maker

See the Pen CSS Blob Maker 🌈 by S. Shahriar (@ShadowShahriar) on CodePen.

Animated Blob Background

See the Pen DRop by NANOUU (@antoniasymeonidou) on CodePen.

CSS Only blob animation

A CSS only blob animation refers to an animation effect created solely using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), without relying on JavaScript or external image files. These animations often simulate fluid and organic movements reminiscent of blob-like shapes.

CSS only blob animations offer lightweight and efficient ways to add dynamic visual effects to webpages with no external dependencies. They are particularly useful for creating engaging user experiences and enhancing the overall aesthetics of websites and web applications.

Glassmorphism Blob Animation

RGB Blob Preloader in CSS

See the Pen RGB Blob Preloader by Jon Kantner (@jkantner) on CodePen.

Pure CSS blob effect

See the Pen Pure CSS blob effect - 0 html element by Temani Afif (@t_afif) on CodePen.

Animated Blob Effect for Text

Animated Blobs Text - Multiple Colors

Creative blob animation in CSS

Creative blob animation in CSS refers to the use of CSS techniques to generate fluid, organic, and visually appealing animations resembling blob-like shapes.

Randomly Generated CSS Blob lamp

Blended Photo & Gradient Blob Animation

Animated Blobby Gooey Button

See the Pen An Animated Blobby Gooey Button by Leena Lavanya (@leenalavanya) on CodePen.

CSS Dashing blob ball

See the Pen Dashing blob ball by sasi jj (@sasi-jj) on CodePen.

Pure CSS Gooey Morph

See the Pen Pure CSS Gooey Morph (single div) by Piotr Galor (@pgalor) on CodePen.

Border radius blob CSS

See the Pen Border radius blob by Kari Sabine Malmin (@karisabinemalmin) on CodePen.

Draggable blob CSS

See the Pen Draggable blob by Marjo Sobrecaray (@maaarj) on CodePen.

CSS-only blob animation

See the Pen CSS-only blob animation by Marcos Silva (@marcossilva) on CodePen.

Javascript Blob Animation

See the Pen Blob by Liam Egan (@shubniggurath) on CodePen.

CSS animation blob flow

See the Pen Blob study by Liam Egan (@shubniggurath) on CodePen.

Animated Blob Effect for Text

See the Pen Antsy Toggles by Daryn St. Pierre (@bloqhead) on CodePen.

Processing Blobs

See the Pen Processing Blobs by Juan Fuentes (@JuanFuentes) on CodePen.

Liquid Animation Effect

See the Pen Liquid Animation Effect by Samuel Coles (@samuelcoles) on CodePen.

CSS only morphing blob

See the Pen CSS only morphing blob by Monica Dinculescu (@notwaldorf) on CodePen.

Hope you found CSS Blob animation to your liking from this article. Let me know what you like by commenting. Here I will add more CSS Blob Effects designs gradually.

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